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Title: Season's Greetings
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing (if applicable): Mina/Kunzite (Ken)
Rating: PG
Prompt: [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender 11. Sending Christmas cards.

Mina sat, looking at the four blank cards in front her of her. It would be polite to send them one. Perhaps, she could just send one? She shook her head, setting aside that idea. These men were a part of her life - Serenity’s life - for the foreseeable future. Even if some people thought she shirked her duties, she knew it was important to at least get along with these Shitennou. Now, it seemed part of the Mamoru package deal. Love me, love my rocks.

Mina shook her head again. That sounded wrong, but she had far more important things to worry about. She pulled the blue and white card, decorated with a dragon first. Jed would be the easiest to do. He was quick to smile and quick to crack a joke. He had helped ease the tension in the group more than once with a quip. It was easy to think up a few short sentences, thanking him for his help and wishing him well in the New Year.

She went with Zory next, pulling the red card next, covered in phoenixes and scrolls. She hadn’t spoken much with him, although he seemed to be easy-going. From that first night, he had stuck to Ami like glue. It worried her, even though she had never seen Ami happier. Mina struggled for a moment, before finally finding the words to thank him, although she refrained from wishing him luck in the New Year. Ami was not something to win.

Nico was third, only because he wasn’t Ken. She hadn’t spoken with Nico at all, who seemed to quietly lurk in the shadows when most of the Senshi were around. She had seen him joking with the Shitennou, laughing even with a Senshi for a moment or two, although that never lasted long. It made Mina wonder what he was hiding. It had taken her ages to find a card with a white tiger. She scrawled two quick sentences, repeating the usual polite greetings of the year.

She sat with the last card in front of her a long time, fingers tracing over the black and white ribbons that looked a bit like snakes. Finally, she raised her pen, decisively signing only her name.

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I love this. I love that she cannot write anything for Ken, and that she refuses to wish Zory good luck!

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