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Title: Gift of the Magi
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing (if applicable): Usagi/Mamoru
Rating: PG
Prompt: [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender 12. Gift of the Magi.

A/N: I guess this means I have a cold, black heart, but I’ve always hated the O. Henry story. So, we’re not going with "The Gift of the Magi" here. We’re gonna get biblical. Future!Fic set in the same ‘verse. Okay, and I know that technically Chibiusa’s birthday is supposed to be the same as Usagi’s, but eff that - she’s not a clone. So, Christmas birthday it is!


Despite the changes which turned Tokyo into a city of glimmering crystal, Usagi and Mamoru preserved many of the Japanese traditions of their youth. And so, although Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity had made her presence known as a Christmas present to her parents, the Shitennou did not see her until the New Year, when the royal family opened the palace for her official naming.

They had ducked in the back entrance of the palace, avoiding the crowds which had gathered on the front lawn, waiting for the family to appear on the balcony. The Outer Senshi had graciously taken over guard duty for the day, leaving the Shitennou and Inner Senshi to have their own private celebration before the official ceremony. Everyone had gathered in the nursery with their gifts, although a few of the girls had set theirs aside, forgotten, as they cooed over tiny pink tufts of hair and big red eyes.

"It looks like a cotton candy machine threw up in here," Jed muttered under his breath, before being elbowed sharply by Nico. Zory attempted to smother his laugh, and Ken turned around, glaring at the two of them.

Usagi’s eyes lit up when she saw them. "Yay, more presents!" she said gaily, channeling the girl she had been, despite the uniform of a queen that she wore.

Mamoru came in to the room, and Zory choked down another laugh. "He did it, I can’t believe he really did it," he hissed, and Jed snickered. Even Ken had a slight grin. It being a lavender suit, which had been the forfeit for a long-running bet. With all the video and photographs of today’s event, this sartorial moment would be preserved for years to come.

Mamoru seemed to take his humiliation gracefully, casually flipping them off as he took a seat next to Usagi. He leaned over to give her a kiss, gently running a hand over his daughter’s head.

Mina looked to Ken, tilting her head questioningly. "Heads or tails?" she asked, turning the coin over in her hand.

"Heads," Ken replied without hesitation.

Mina flipped the coin, pouting a bit as it landed on the top side. "I guess this means you can go first with the presents," she conceded. They settled themselves in chairs, with Lita taking the time to pass around snacks and drinks.

Ken nodded to Jed, signalling he should go first. Jed handed the box to Mamoru, who took his time in slowly opening the present, so as not to rip the paper. Usagi poked him in the side impatiently, clearly trying to urge him to rip into the the wrapping as she would. Once opened, Mamoru pulled out the wooden sansano-bori gingerly, and the girls ooohed appreciatively at the large carved rabbit, about the same size as the small princess. Mamoru laughed at that, thanking Jed for his clever play on tradition. In elegant calligraphy, it had Chibiusa’s name and birthdate, and Mamoru gave a nod to Rei, acknowledging her help with Jed’s present.

Zory stepped up next, giving a small shrug at the lack of paper. "You can’t really wrap flowers," he said. Mamoru accepted the bouquet of white poinsettia, lavender roses, pink chrysanthemum, and ivy with a smile. "Thank you. This means a lot," he added, acknowledging the meaning behind the bouquet.

Nico came after Zory. As he stepped forward with his box, Usagi passed the baby to Mamoru. "I want to open this one. You can open two of the girls," she offered. Mamoru laughed, but didn’t protest. Unlike Mamoru, Usagi didn’t hesitate. She quickly tore open the paper, face lighting up at the white gauze yukata, embroidered with tiny pink flowers. "This is so pretty!" she squealed, which the other girls echoed. "I know you helped, Mako-chan, thank you so much!" she added, referring to the embroidery. Nico grinned, amused by her enthusiasm.

Ken went last, and Mamoru helped Usagi unwrap the last present, as it had an overabundance of tape securing it closed. "You are so anal about wrapping presents," he said to Ken, grinning. Usagi’s chattering hushed when she opened the lid to the crystal box, and Mamoru sobered slightly in awe as well. Inside was a tiny crown of woven gold and silver mesh, twisting into intricate symbols of the Moon and the Earth at its peaks. "Thank you, Ken," Mamoru finally said, fingers running over one of the symbols of the Earth, acknowledging her equal title. Usagi nodded, her fingers joining Mamoru’s for a moment. "It’s perfect," she added.
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