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Title: Lump of Coal
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing (if applicable): Usagi/Mamoru
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender 20. Giving children bad presents.

Chibiusa’s arrival had helped strengthen the tenuous peace between the Senshi and Shitennou, with all parties finally capitulating to Usagi’s demand for a little gift exchange before people scattered for the holidays. If trying to figure out a present for Usagi was hard, purchasing for Chibiusa - who kept insisting she be called Suki, of all things - was a thousand times harder.

Ken had argued for bath poofs and kits of smelly spritzy things from the mall which came in garish pastel colors, given she was sixteen. Jed and Zory, still backpedaling from their original reactions, had outvoted him, pushing hard for "unicorns and glitter."

She didn’t seem to mind the plush unicorn, letting out a squeal over how cute it was. "It’s adorable! I love unicorns, thank you so much," she said enthusiastically. Mamoru, however, narrowed his eyes and glared at the three Shitennou, all baffled at his reaction. The Senshi failed to hide their mirth, with even Rei concealing a quick laugh behind her hand.

"What?" Jed asked warily, eyes darting from the laughing Senshi to Mamoru’s face.

Suki rolled her eyes, using said unicorn to bop Mamoru on the arm. "Honestly," she said with a huff. "I haven’t seen Helios in years. Am I never going to live that down?'

"I - Helios? The priest?" Jed said after a moment, remembering him faintly from the memories of his past life. "He’s not dead?"

"More importantly, he’s now a unicorn?" Zory added with a snicker. Mamoru continued to glare.

The moment was broken, however, as Nico tossed another small package into Suki’s lap. "Here’s another for you, Princess. A bonus, if you will," he said with a sly grin.

Suki tore into the paper as enthusiastically as Usagi, revealing a large lump of coal. Instead of pouting however, she began to laugh.

"That’s for telling Jed he’s going to have sextuplets in the future," Nico told her.

Suki tried to pout around her laughing, and failed. "Hey! You laughed at his face, too."

"It was pretty funny," Zory admitted and Ken nodded. Only Rei and Mina were able to keep from laughing at this.

"And for snooping when we were gone."

"You knew about that?"

"And for eating all Lita’s cookies for the party."

Lita’s grin fell. "That was you?"

Usagi took the unicorn out of Suki’s lap, whapping her on the arm with it. "You blamed that on me!"

"How did you know that?" Suki wailed, still giggling between words.

"Don’t fuck with the future-seer," Nico replied with a laugh.

Suki’s giggles finally subsided a bit at that. "He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake?"

"Nico’s Santa?" Zory chimed in.

"Or a pervert," Jed added.


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