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Title: Tinsel and Tattoos
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing (if applicable): Ami/Zoicite (Zory)
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender 07. Christmas lights and ornaments.

Ami was the only one actually attempting to decorate the tree at the Christmas party. Most of the shitennou had clustered around Mamoru. Lita had busied herself arranging the cookies and treats around the room, skirting far from the corner with the boys, while Rei had sequestered herself in another and Mina whispered furiously in Usagi’s ear.

"Want some punch?"

Ami almost dropped the ornament she was holding, but she recovered and hooked it on the branch firmly. She turned back to the man in front of her, squinting her eyes at the green liquid. "What’s in it?" she said warily.

"Uh, lime sherbet and ginger ale. Unless Jed’s gotten to it," Zory said, sniffing one of the glasses and taking an experimental sip. "I think we’re in the clear."

Ami accepted the other cup out of politeness, although she refrained from taking a sip. Sherbet and ginger ale sounded vile. "Thank you."

"Okay, I have three questions for you," Zory said with a grin. "One, did your hair come like that or did you have to Manic Panic it up? Two, do you still play chess? And three, do you still have that tattoo on -"

Ami quickly put her hand over his mouth, cheeks burning. Just as quickly, she withdrew her hand, clearly embarrassed by her reaction. However, Zory didn’t continue his question. "Yes, yes, and I’m not answering that," Ami replied.

Zory grinned wider. "So that’s a yes."

Ami took a sip of her punch, just so she wouldn’t have to answer, and choked a bit on the cloying sweetness of the punch. "Sherbet and soda? Is this an American thing?" she asked.

"I think there’s a can of fruit cocktail in there as well," Zory added helpfully. There was probably enough sugar in the punchbowl to put them all in a diabetic coma. "And yeah. Although the blame for this falls entirely on Usagi. She saw it on the Food Network. We had to talk her out of the other Paula Deen shit."

Ami still looked a bit puzzled, but the blush had faded from her cheeks, and she laughed a bit at the mention of Usagi. "I should have known. Sweets are their own food group for her."

Zory laughed. "No kidding. I hide my candy before she comes over."

Ami laughed again. "Does she come over often?" she asked him, tilting her head slightly.

"Yeah. Well, Dimi - I mean, Mamoru’s over pretty much all the time, so Usagi comes over, too. She’s cool. You could come over too sometime," Zory suggested. "If you want," he added, trying to sound more casual.

Ami studied him for a moment before giving him a genuine smile. "I’d like that," she said. She turned back to the box of the ornaments and picked up another glass bulb to hang on the tree. Behind her back, Zory gave an exuberant fist pump before rummaging in the box for his own ornament to hang.


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