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I decided to make the switch and make my personal entries private. My fics, however, will still be public. I'm working on compiling a master list to stay as a directory on the main page, so if you're just here for the fics, you don't have to read about my boring life. Friends are more than welcome - please comment to be added!

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** Note: Due to concerns over plagiarism, I keep my original works friendslocked.
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Given how things are going over at LJ, I'm thinking I will need to fire this thing up again. Fics might disappear/reappear after the holidays once I get this organized.
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Title: Lump of Coal
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing (if applicable): Usagi/Mamoru
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender 20. Giving children bad presents.

Chibiusa’s arrival had helped strengthen the tenuous peace between the Senshi and Shitennou, with all parties finally capitulating to Usagi’s demand for a little gift exchange before people scattered for the holidays. If trying to figure out a present for Usagi was hard, purchasing for Chibiusa - who kept insisting she be called Suki, of all things - was a thousand times harder.

Ken had argued for bath poofs and kits of smelly spritzy things from the mall which came in garish pastel colors, given she was sixteen. Jed and Zory, still backpedaling from their original reactions, had outvoted him, pushing hard for "unicorns and glitter."

She didn’t seem to mind the plush unicorn, letting out a squeal over how cute it was. "It’s adorable! I love unicorns, thank you so much," she said enthusiastically. Mamoru, however, narrowed his eyes and glared at the three Shitennou, all baffled at his reaction. The Senshi failed to hide their mirth, with even Rei concealing a quick laugh behind her hand.

"What?" Jed asked warily, eyes darting from the laughing Senshi to Mamoru’s face.

Suki rolled her eyes, using said unicorn to bop Mamoru on the arm. "Honestly," she said with a huff. "I haven’t seen Helios in years. Am I never going to live that down?'

"I - Helios? The priest?" Jed said after a moment, remembering him faintly from the memories of his past life. "He’s not dead?"

"More importantly, he’s now a unicorn?" Zory added with a snicker. Mamoru continued to glare.

The moment was broken, however, as Nico tossed another small package into Suki’s lap. "Here’s another for you, Princess. A bonus, if you will," he said with a sly grin.

Suki tore into the paper as enthusiastically as Usagi, revealing a large lump of coal. Instead of pouting however, she began to laugh.

"That’s for telling Jed he’s going to have sextuplets in the future," Nico told her.

Suki tried to pout around her laughing, and failed. "Hey! You laughed at his face, too."

"It was pretty funny," Zory admitted and Ken nodded. Only Rei and Mina were able to keep from laughing at this.

"And for snooping when we were gone."

"You knew about that?"

"And for eating all Lita’s cookies for the party."

Lita’s grin fell. "That was you?"

Usagi took the unicorn out of Suki’s lap, whapping her on the arm with it. "You blamed that on me!"

"How did you know that?" Suki wailed, still giggling between words.

"Don’t fuck with the future-seer," Nico replied with a laugh.

Suki’s giggles finally subsided a bit at that. "He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake?"

"Nico’s Santa?" Zory chimed in.

"Or a pervert," Jed added.
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Title: Incentives
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing (if applicable): Minako/Kunzite (Ken)
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender 19. Lingerie.

She had gotten him into that sweater, but it had been a close call. Cajoling hadn’t worked, and neither did her usual tricks, leading Mina to bring out the big guns - lingerie.

Ken had stubbornly dug in his heels on the sweater, until she had whispered just a few key words in his ear about what she planned on wearing underneath her own sweater. She had barely finished speaking before he was quickly pulling it on, hair crackling and standing upright with all the static. Mina grinned, resisting the urge to fist pump in celebration of her victory.

True to Ken’s grumbled predictions, Jed had given him shit for the sweater all night, but Ken seemed to forget all of that once Mina took off her sweater.
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Title: Home Alone
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing (if applicable): Ami/Zoicite (Zory)
Rating: PG
Prompt: [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender 18. Favorite ornaments.

"Why do you have a pickle on your tree?"

Zory came into the living room from the kitchen, holding a beer and a drink for Ami. "Come again?"

Ami reached out to delicately pluck the pickle ornament from the tree, holding it as if it were an interesting specimen. "A pickle?"

Zory grinned, handing her the drink and taking care to tuck the pickle back into its hiding spot on the tree, barely visible among the lights. "It’s allegedly German, but it’s really something Americans do to pretend they’re more German than they are. My grandma started it,"he explained. "You hide the pickle on the tree, and whoever finds it first on Christmas day has good luck throughout the year. When we were little kids, it meant we got an extra present from Santa."

Ami smiled, taking a seat on the couch. "That’s sweet."

"It’s only sweet until you see Jed and Ken fighting for the pickle Christmas morning," Zory replied, conveniently forgetting that it was often a three-for-all. "They’re not even German," he grumbled.

Ami laughed and Zory took a seat next to her on the couch, feeling as if he already had enough luck for the coming year.
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Title: Home Alone
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing (if applicable): Usagi/Mamoru
Rating: PG
Prompt: [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender 17. Home Alone.

A/N: I thought I’d get to this in some other drabble, but I guess not. So, teenage Chibiusa goes by the nickname Suki. What sixteen year old really wants to be known as the miniature version of their mother, anyway?


They had left her back at the house, even though she was sixteen, as if she had never fought a youma before. Suki had pouted for a few moments, turning aimlessly in the unfamiliar living room and wondering if she could figure out how to work the television. While she was fluent in English, technology terms had changed significantly in the intervening years. She could order a Starbucks coffee flawlessly - some things never changed - but antique technology evaded her.

America looked like it was going to be harder than she anticipated.

Suki threw the remote back down on the table before going over the fridge to rummage. Beer and beer appeared to be her choices, with a bottle of vodka the lone occupant of the freezer. She made a face, shutting the door with another pout.

The Shitennou - so much younger than she had expected - had basically jumped out of their skin at her existence, and there was an undercurrent of tension with the Senshi she hadn’t anticipated. Usagi had whispered to her that they’d been introduced not long before, and that had made a few comments from when she was young come into clarity. Still, these men seemed nothing like her uncles, far more detached from their future selves than the Senshi had been, even Usagi.

Suki wandered back out of the kitchen, eyeing the hallway leading back to the bedrooms and then the clock on the television. Surely she had time for just a peek.
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Title: You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing (if applicable): Minako/Kunzite (Ken)
Rating: PG
Prompt: [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender 16. The Grinch.



"Come on, it will be cute!"

"No, Mina."


"Mina, I’m not wearing that sweater."

Mina huffed, sending her bangs flying upward for a moment and Ken grinned. "But it’s Christmas! And American - you’re American! Don’t be a Grinch. You’re supposed to wear sweaters with flashing lights and sequins and pompoms," she reasoned. "Plus, I’m wearing one!"

Ken took a moment to appreciate how she had squeezed herself in a child-sized sweater, knowing full well that Jed would make a crack about the snowflakes on it as soon as they showed up at the party. "Mina, I’m not wearing that. You might as well chop of my balls and hand them to Jed."

Mina giggled for a moment, looking at the very tacky sweater she had in hand. "What’ll it take to get you in it?" she asked, raising an eyebrow, all childish pleading gone.
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Title: Sleigh Bells
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing (if applicable): Usagi/Mamoru
Rating: PG
Prompt: [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender 15. Sleigh rides.

A/N: Another future!fic. I like to think that, with the Shitennou around, Chibiusa wouldn’t have had such a crappy isolated childhood where she was basically raised by an electronic Luna ball. I mean, really, does that fit at all with what we know of Usagi and Mamoru’s character? Particularly Mamoru? If he did get too duty-focused, the Shitennou (even duty-obsessed Ken!), would have whomped him on the head and told him to focus a bit on his daughter.


"Again, again!" Chibiusa clapped her blue mittens together, a wide grin on her face. Ken grinned back, and began pulling the sled back up the hill on the west side of the palace grounds. "You’re supposed to make horse-y noises, Uncle Ken. This is a sleigh ride," she bossed him.

"Okay, Princess," Ken replied, using just a touch of his power to settle the ice under his feet. Dutifully, he neighed a few times, jingling the bells he had tied onto the sled rope.

"Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up lets goooooo......Door bells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles," she warbled. Ken smothered a laugh. Apparently she had been listening to Mina sing carols recently.

They reached the top of the small hill rather quickly, and Ken settled himself on the sled behind her. "I want to steer this time," Chibiusa added. "Please?"

Ken handed over the sled rope to her, making sure to take hold of it surreptitiously behind her. "Sure, steer away Captain," he replied, grinning again. He pushed the sled to a start, and they took off down the hill, Chibiusa shrieking with laughter. Ken got off the sled at the end, collecting the rope in anticipation of taking her up the hill again.

"Do you think Aunt Lita would make me some hot cocoa?" Chibiusa interrupted.

"Probably," Ken replied, turning to pull the sled back towards the castle. "But I’ll tell you a secret - if she’s busy, I can make a pretty mean hot chocolate myself."

"With sprinkles?" Chibiusa said seriously.

"With sprinkles," Ken confirmed, hiding another grin.

"Good!" Chibiusa replied. She gave an impatient tug to the rope, sending the bells jingling. "Mush, horse. We have to make it back to the castle before the storm!"

Ken obediently turned, neighing loudly once more.
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Title: Blame it on the Alcohol, Part II
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing (if applicable): Makoto/Nephrite (Nico)
Rating: PG
Prompt: [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender 14. Someone spiked the egg nog..

"Have you had any of the egg nog?"

Lita looked up from the kitchen counter, where she was adding some toppings to the popcorn. Ken hovered in the doorway, looking slightly uncomfortable. "No, why?" Lita asked, wary.

He held out a small cup to her. "It’s been, ah, spiked. Quite thoroughly."

Lita’s eyes watered before she could even take a sip and she made a face, even at the tiniest amount that went down her throat. Although the cloying sweetness of the drink helped hide some of it, for the most part, all she could taste was rum. Multiple flavors of rum, in fact.

Lita marched past Ken and out of the kitchen, wooden spoon gripped in her hand and propped on her hip. "Michael Ian Zory! Did you spike the egg nog? I know that’s what you were doing when you were messing about in the fridge."

Zory reddened. "Uh-"

Behind him, Ami quietly asked, "How does she know his full name?"

"I told her," Nico replied, grinning like the cat who ate the canary.

Ken had followed behind Lita, amusement playing at the corners of his mouth. "Lita, I believe the correct question is - Jed, did you spike the egg nog after Zory?"

"With coconut rum!" Lita added, indignant.

Jed grinned. "What, coconuts not festive-y?"

"I kind of like it," Usagi piped up, cheeks red and eyes sparkling. She had already had four cups. After cup three, she had started randomly clapping and going "Yay, you’re going to be friends now!" every time a Senshi and Shitennou spoke to each other.

Lita threw up her hands and went back to the kitchen. "You’re not getting any of the special popcorn, Jed. Coconut rum, honestly!" she muttered.
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Title: Home Remedies
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing (if applicable): Makoto/Nephrite (Nico)
Rating: PG
Prompt: [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender 13. Nose as red as Rudolph's.

Nico knocked on the apartment door, juggling the grocery bags to keep from dropping the jug of orange juice. Lita opened the door after a moment, eyes slightly bleary and nose red. She blinked a moment in surprise, smoothing a hand over her messy ponytail self-consciously.

"What are you doing here?"

"Usagi said you were sick, so I brought you soup. And OJ," he replied. "I mean, you brought us cookies, so-" he trailed off.

Lita stared at him for a moment, blinking again. "Really?"

"I tried googling what they do in Japan when you have a cold, but there was this onion miso drink thing, and yeah, I don’t cook, so it’s chicken soup from the deli. Oh, and some tea that I always drink when I’m sick. It tastes like black licorice, grass and ass, but it its a miracle worker."

Lita laughed a bit at that. "Thank you. Really. You didn’t have to do all this," she replied, taking the orange juice that he handed her.

"You didn’t have to bring us cookies," Nico replied, stepping past her as she waved him in to the apartment. It was small, with the door leading straight into the kitchen. He set the bags down on the counter.

"Yes, I did," Lita said, seriously, putting the orange juice in the fridge. "You’re Mamoru’s friends. He’s not really had a lot of friends before, except us girls. You’re important to him, so that means you’re important to Usagi, and I love both of them, so that means you get cookies."

Nico smiled slightly at that. "No complaints here." He took the cartons of soup out of the grocery bag. "It means a lot. To all of us," he said after a moment. "I know it’s awkward but -" he shrugged. "We’re trying. It’s nice of you to meet us halfway." He took out a pen, scribbling down a few phone numbers on the back of the receipt. "Seriously, if you need anything, give one of us a call."

Lita smiled, although it didn’t quite reach her tired eyes. "I - thank you. Really."

Nico shrugged. "It’s the least we can do," he said, before letting himself out.
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Title: Gift of the Magi
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing (if applicable): Usagi/Mamoru
Rating: PG
Prompt: [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender 12. Gift of the Magi.

A/N: I guess this means I have a cold, black heart, but I’ve always hated the O. Henry story. So, we’re not going with "The Gift of the Magi" here. We’re gonna get biblical. Future!Fic set in the same ‘verse. Okay, and I know that technically Chibiusa’s birthday is supposed to be the same as Usagi’s, but eff that - she’s not a clone. So, Christmas birthday it is!


Despite the changes which turned Tokyo into a city of glimmering crystal, Usagi and Mamoru preserved many of the Japanese traditions of their youth. And so, although Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity had made her presence known as a Christmas present to her parents, the Shitennou did not see her until the New Year, when the royal family opened the palace for her official naming.

They had ducked in the back entrance of the palace, avoiding the crowds which had gathered on the front lawn, waiting for the family to appear on the balcony. The Outer Senshi had graciously taken over guard duty for the day, leaving the Shitennou and Inner Senshi to have their own private celebration before the official ceremony. Everyone had gathered in the nursery with their gifts, although a few of the girls had set theirs aside, forgotten, as they cooed over tiny pink tufts of hair and big red eyes.

"It looks like a cotton candy machine threw up in here," Jed muttered under his breath, before being elbowed sharply by Nico. Zory attempted to smother his laugh, and Ken turned around, glaring at the two of them.

Usagi’s eyes lit up when she saw them. "Yay, more presents!" she said gaily, channeling the girl she had been, despite the uniform of a queen that she wore.

Mamoru came in to the room, and Zory choked down another laugh. "He did it, I can’t believe he really did it," he hissed, and Jed snickered. Even Ken had a slight grin. It being a lavender suit, which had been the forfeit for a long-running bet. With all the video and photographs of today’s event, this sartorial moment would be preserved for years to come.

Mamoru seemed to take his humiliation gracefully, casually flipping them off as he took a seat next to Usagi. He leaned over to give her a kiss, gently running a hand over his daughter’s head.

Mina looked to Ken, tilting her head questioningly. "Heads or tails?" she asked, turning the coin over in her hand.

"Heads," Ken replied without hesitation.

Mina flipped the coin, pouting a bit as it landed on the top side. "I guess this means you can go first with the presents," she conceded. They settled themselves in chairs, with Lita taking the time to pass around snacks and drinks.

Ken nodded to Jed, signalling he should go first. Jed handed the box to Mamoru, who took his time in slowly opening the present, so as not to rip the paper. Usagi poked him in the side impatiently, clearly trying to urge him to rip into the the wrapping as she would. Once opened, Mamoru pulled out the wooden sansano-bori gingerly, and the girls ooohed appreciatively at the large carved rabbit, about the same size as the small princess. Mamoru laughed at that, thanking Jed for his clever play on tradition. In elegant calligraphy, it had Chibiusa’s name and birthdate, and Mamoru gave a nod to Rei, acknowledging her help with Jed’s present.

Zory stepped up next, giving a small shrug at the lack of paper. "You can’t really wrap flowers," he said. Mamoru accepted the bouquet of white poinsettia, lavender roses, pink chrysanthemum, and ivy with a smile. "Thank you. This means a lot," he added, acknowledging the meaning behind the bouquet.

Nico came after Zory. As he stepped forward with his box, Usagi passed the baby to Mamoru. "I want to open this one. You can open two of the girls," she offered. Mamoru laughed, but didn’t protest. Unlike Mamoru, Usagi didn’t hesitate. She quickly tore open the paper, face lighting up at the white gauze yukata, embroidered with tiny pink flowers. "This is so pretty!" she squealed, which the other girls echoed. "I know you helped, Mako-chan, thank you so much!" she added, referring to the embroidery. Nico grinned, amused by her enthusiasm.

Ken went last, and Mamoru helped Usagi unwrap the last present, as it had an overabundance of tape securing it closed. "You are so anal about wrapping presents," he said to Ken, grinning. Usagi’s chattering hushed when she opened the lid to the crystal box, and Mamoru sobered slightly in awe as well. Inside was a tiny crown of woven gold and silver mesh, twisting into intricate symbols of the Moon and the Earth at its peaks. "Thank you, Ken," Mamoru finally said, fingers running over one of the symbols of the Earth, acknowledging her equal title. Usagi nodded, her fingers joining Mamoru’s for a moment. "It’s perfect," she added.
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Title: Lovers
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing: Ami/Zoicite (Zory)
Challenge: [ profile] lover100 011. Lovers
Summary: A continuation of the Alchemy 'verse created in the [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender prompts.

"So when did you get the tattoo? Or were you born with it? How did the doctors explain that one?"

Ami looked up from the paper she was proofreading, a smile playing at the corner of her mouth. "Birth mark or other aberration, I suppose," she replied, and went back to work, marking a few notes in the margin.

"Is that what they said about your hair?" Zory asked.

"No. They told my mother it was because of a drug she took while pregnant with me. Perhaps that’s true," Ami said, not even looking up from her work this time.

"So, when did you get it?"

Ami looked up again. "Why are you so interested?"

Zory grinned. "Come on - it was one of the last things I saw before Beryl got me. We were this close to getting together," he said, gesturing with his thumb and index finger. "As Jed would say, that was a major cockblock."

Ami reddened a bit at that, but she laughed. "That’s rather crude. Still, it was at least descriptive enough to get its point across without me needing to ask.'


"Are you going to let me finish proofreading your paper?"

Zory gave a long-suffering sigh. "I guess so."

"Good," Ami said with a nod. She went back to reviewing, marking a few more notes. "And I got it two years ago," she murmured, circling a phrase. Zory’s face lit up. "I’m not answering any more questions, so don’t even think about it," she added, not looking up from her work.

Fic: Smell

Dec. 11th, 2011 02:26 pm
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Title: Smell
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing: Rei/Jadeite (Jed)
Challenge: [ profile] lover100 020. Smell.
Summary: A continuation of the Alchemy 'verse created in the [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender prompts.

Rei had snapped to attention, even before Jed registered the acrid smell of smoke and the girl coughing and wailing on the front lawn. He and Kunzite had stopped, both fumbling for phones, but Rei sprinted away from them, and through the front door, disappearing into the dark smoke.

"Shit!" Jed swore, dropping his phone and trying to go follow after her into the house.

Ken tackled him to the ground, sitting on his thrashing legs while trying to work his phone with one hand. Jed's voice was tight with panic. "Ken, we have to go after her - she just ran into a fucking burning building-"

"And do what? What would you do, Jed?" Ken muttered, swearing slightly under his breath as he kept punching the wrong numbers.

"I - shit! I don’t know!" Jed replied, pulling at his hair slightly, before hitting Ken in the chest. "Do something! Make some ice," he barked.

"Out of what? I need water," he snapped, ending the phone call. Mamoru wasn’t answering his cell.

Two guys stumbled out the front door, coughing but otherwise unharmed. Ken got up off Jed’s legs, helping the two of them away from the building and over to the crying girl. For a moment, the flames disappeared, although the smoke continued. The heat retreated, as if a vacuum had sucked it up.

Jed looked toward the door, as if considering running in after Rei, when two more exited the burning house. He had just helped pull them clear from the door when, with a whoosh, the flames shot high in the sky again, the building crackling and groaning as if it was about to give way.

"Fuck," Jed muttered, pulling the girls even further back. He could hear sirens in the distance. When he looked back at the front door, the entire front hallway was up in flames. Just before the second floor collapsed, Rei came stumbling out the front door, eyes wide. She was covered in soot and singed bits which had probably been her clothes, although there wasn’t a mark on her. Jed stood, openmouthed.

Ken pulled off his coat, and Jed shook his head to clear it. Rei swayed and half-collapsed as Jed threw out his arms to catch her, shivering in the cold air. "Get me out of here before the police come," she said, voice husky from the smoke.
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Title: Season's Greetings
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing (if applicable): Mina/Kunzite (Ken)
Rating: PG
Prompt: [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender 11. Sending Christmas cards.

Mina sat, looking at the four blank cards in front her of her. It would be polite to send them one. Perhaps, she could just send one? She shook her head, setting aside that idea. These men were a part of her life - Serenity’s life - for the foreseeable future. Even if some people thought she shirked her duties, she knew it was important to at least get along with these Shitennou. Now, it seemed part of the Mamoru package deal. Love me, love my rocks.

Mina shook her head again. That sounded wrong, but she had far more important things to worry about. She pulled the blue and white card, decorated with a dragon first. Jed would be the easiest to do. He was quick to smile and quick to crack a joke. He had helped ease the tension in the group more than once with a quip. It was easy to think up a few short sentences, thanking him for his help and wishing him well in the New Year.

She went with Zory next, pulling the red card next, covered in phoenixes and scrolls. She hadn’t spoken much with him, although he seemed to be easy-going. From that first night, he had stuck to Ami like glue. It worried her, even though she had never seen Ami happier. Mina struggled for a moment, before finally finding the words to thank him, although she refrained from wishing him luck in the New Year. Ami was not something to win.

Nico was third, only because he wasn’t Ken. She hadn’t spoken with Nico at all, who seemed to quietly lurk in the shadows when most of the Senshi were around. She had seen him joking with the Shitennou, laughing even with a Senshi for a moment or two, although that never lasted long. It made Mina wonder what he was hiding. It had taken her ages to find a card with a white tiger. She scrawled two quick sentences, repeating the usual polite greetings of the year.

She sat with the last card in front of her a long time, fingers tracing over the black and white ribbons that looked a bit like snakes. Finally, she raised her pen, decisively signing only her name.


Dec. 10th, 2011 06:16 pm
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I seem to have created a 'verse with these [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender prompts. I decided to put them all here - a holiday-themed collection of Senshi/Shitennou drabbles. Alchemy 'verse. Mostly fluff with a garnish of angst. PG-13.

Advent, Continued
A continuation of the Senshi/Shitennou drabbles in the Alchemy 'verse, with prompts from [ profile] lover100. Mostly fluff with a garnish of angst. PG-13.
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Title: Moonrise
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing (if applicable): Usagi/Mamoru
Rating: PG
Prompt: [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender 10. Moonrise.

Usagi stepped out on the patio, taking a moment to slip away from the tension in the room. The moon was full, hanging low in the sky, and she sighed. She had been so happy, so excited for Mamoru when he had found his Shitennou. He would call home, that first year of college, and even though he never put it in words, Usagi knew he finally felt as if he belonged. He was friendly with the girls, of course - he and Makoto were particularly close - but the Senshi would always be Usagi’s friends first.

The Shitennou had changed that.

She had been so happy to meet them. They were different than she had remembered, but there were glimmers of the men they had been and the relationship they had shared with Endymion. And not all the changes were bad -


Usagi turned, train of thought interrupted. Nico sat in a beat up lawn chair off in the corner, smoking a cigarette. Usagi wrinkled her nose slightly at that, and he grinned at her, white teeth gleaming in the dim light. He stubbed out the cigarette. “Maybe, a little,” she confided.

"Well, I haven’t seen any blood yet, so we may all make it out alive," Nico said, giving her a more reassuring smile.

Usagi flopped down into the other chair, pushing her lip out in a slight pout. "I just want everyone to be happy."

Nico gave a low laugh. "You can’t make people be happy, Princess."

Usagi was silent for a moment, scuffing her foot across the concrete floor. "Are you guys made at me?" she asked, voice tiny.

Nico shook his head. "No. And who could stay mad at you, if we were? You meant well," he reassured her. "It might have been better to tell people first, rather than making it a big surprise, but that’s nothing to get angry over."

"I think the girls are mad at me," Usagi mumbled.

"You might be surprised. Lita’s not," Nico commented.

Usagi perked up at that, giving a little clap to her hands. "You talked to her?" she asked.

Nico laughed. "Easy, tiger. Yes, we talked for a moment. I don’t know about any of the other Senshi, but Lita seems fine. She’s a good friend to you," he added after a moment.

Usagi nodded emphatically. "They all are. I just wish they could see-"

"They will," Nico said.
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Title: Advent
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Pairing: Senshi/Shitennou
Challenge: [ profile] lover100
Summary: A continuation of the 'verse created in the [ profile] shitennou_ai Advent Drabblender prompts. I will eventually figure out a title. And a plot. Mostly fluff with a garnish of angst.

001.Beginnings. 002.Middles. 003.Ends. 004.Firsts. 005.Friends.
006.Hours. 007.Days. 008.Weeks. 009.Months. 010.Years.
011.Lovers. 012.Strangers. 013.Love. 014.Too Much. 015.Not Enough.
016.Simple. 017.Complicated. 018.Accident. 019.Addicted. 020.Smell.
021.Sound. 022.Touch. 023.Taste. 024.Sunrise. 025.Sunset.
026.Breakfast. 027.Lunch. 028.Dinner. 029.Vacation. 030.Date.
031.Time. 032.Birthday. 033.Thanksgiving. 034.Christmas. 035.Valentine.
036.Secrets. 037.Hurt. 038.Threesome. 039.Kink. 040.Lies.
041.Passion. 042.Hidden. 043.Confession. 044.Discovery. 045.Truth.
046.Betrayal. 047.Dream. 048.Nightmare. 049.Lost. 050.Emotion.
051.Epiphany. 052.Sex. 053.Denial. 054.Jealousy. 055.Greed.
056.Lust. 057.Hands. 058.Lips. 059.Kiss. 060.Crush.
061.Winter. 062.Spring. 063.Summer. 064.Fall. 065.Anniversaries.
066.Romantic. 067.Union. 068.Afraid. 069.Safe. 070.Protection.
071.Broken. 072.Fixed. 073.Heat. 074.Night. 075.Shade.
076.Who? 077.What? 078.Where? 079.When? 080.Why?
081.How? 082.If. 083.And. 084.He. 085.Them.
086.Choices. 087.Life. 088.Fight. 089.Work. 090.Home.
091.Peace. 092.Bedroom. 093.Gentle. 094.Independence. 095.New Year.
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.


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